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Kevin J. Prentice, a native of Buffalo, New York, grew up surrounded by literature that sparked his imagination. S.E. Hinton, Jack London, and Thomas Pynchon provided the blue print for his early creative work, and the teachers at St. Francis High School, and later SUNY Fedonia State, helped mold his writing into tight and concise pieces, which he dubbed, 'Daydream Journalism'.
In 2017 he published his first work, a short-story collection entitled 'It Should Be Easy But It's Starting To Bleed'. He followed that up the next year with 'Seance', a short-story published specially for Halloween. Soon to be released in 2020, his first novel, Independence.
In addition to the written word, Kevin participates in the Buffalo chapter of Spin-A-Storytellers, a spoken word collective of premier storytellers.
He currently resides in Buffalo, New York, works for a greeting card company, and contributes weekly to the music site Buffablog.

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