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It Should Be Easy But It's Starting to Bleed


Seven short stories loosely intertwined with each other, tell tales of how momentary decisions have wide reaching reverberations. Some choices affect the characters' own lives. Other decisions alter the courses of complete strangers. 


A doctor's last minute decision regarding a patient ultimately puts his family's life at risk, in 'The Blizzard'.

Two young college students narrowly, and unknowingly, miss meeting and falling in love throughout their lives in 'Ships in the Night'.

A new roommate does not claim to be who he really is in 'The Roommate'.

An elderly couple, the husband living out his last months of stage four cancer, commit a string of bank robberies as they head south and ride into the sunset in ' Geriatric Bandits'.

A deadly twist of fate gives an upset boyfriend more than he bargained for in 'The Flame Still Burns'.

After the money left by her husband is four times the expected amount, buttoned-up Bianca White starts to live life with abandon in 'Walk the Left Hand Path'.

After visiting his estranged brother in Hollywood, the land of make-believe, a young man struggles with the pressure to break free from the expectations of others in 'Going Out West'.

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